1. Creating a business plan

  2. Employing staff

  3. Time management




Often, businesses are the best investments. We regularly recommend clients buy or start businesses, or further develop existing businesses, wherever a client is suited to this by inclination, personality or training. The extra economic benefits, improved tax planning and, hopefully, the CGT free profit on the ultimate sale of the business mean this is an option clients cannot afford to overlook.

In this ebook, we look at three particular aspects of a successful business. These are:

1. The business plan

2. Staffing

3. Time management


The list of things that could be included in an ebook about business is almost endless. However, our experience is that these three elements are the ones that need most attention. Happily, they are also the ones where improvements – even little ones – make large differences. So, like all good plans, let’s start at the beginning…