How we help


The first and most important step in the process. Once set, we can plan to achieve them.


We can figure the magic number you need to reach so you can retire or make work optional.


Using a downsizing strategy can be a tax effective way to sell your home and boost your super.


We brainstorm different strategies so you can retire sooner or retire with more.


We keep you up to date and alert you of any opportunities that can help you retire earlier.


Using a reverse mortgage will allow you to access the capital in your home for your retirement. 


We crunch the numbers to figure out when you will be able to retire or make work optional.


We maximise your entitlement so you're eating into less of your own savings or investments. 


We make sure you get the most from aged care and in the best position in your final years. 

Why is retirement planning important

The Age Pension is predicted to be phased out

With Australia's population growing older and claiming the Age Pension, the fertility rates are also dropping meaning there are less worker and tax payers being produced. The government is phasing out the Age Pension by lowering payments and increasing ages.

​This is means that the common attitude of living your life and let the government take care of you is not likely to happen. You need to take action and secure your own future.

Unforeseen expenses

Many Australians are able to reasonably control their spending and live within their means. Unfortunately, unforeseen expenses can arise that throw their budgets into disarray. 

One of the many unexpected expenses is a medical bill from an accident. This can lead to a hefty medical bill after treatment, require you to hire a nurse, or even force you into an aged care facility.


Planning ahead can ensure that you have complete freedom over your life for as long as possible.

Freedom in retirement

The earlier you can start planning for your retirement the better your outcome. The more financial wealth you can build in the time between now and retirement, the more fuel for freedom and choices you will have.

This can mean retiring earlier, or being able to do more of the things you love like travel, eating out or hobbies like golf.

We are living longer

With an increase in medical technology, we are gifted and cursed with longer lives which means many of us will spend more time in retirement then we did working. 


If we are smart with our financial decisions we can make sure our wealth lasts longer than us so we will not  eventually be a burden on our loved ones.

Why use Whole Wealth to plan your retirement


We are one of the rare independent financial planners in Australia. 


We continuously improve our services to make your life easier. 


We are all degree qualified in our field. We have decades of experience and training.


We pride ourselves on our advice because we take the time to get to know you.  

Retirement Planning Articles

November 15, 2018

Planning for a fulfilling retirement just got a little simpler: Hundreds of retired physicians have shined a light on what makes them successful, satisfied and confident in this stage of life.

More than 1,200 retired physicians were surveyed for the “2018 Report on Retired Physicians” and shared what makes for a successful physician retirement. The report found that the majority of retired physicians—80 percent—have a satisfyin...

October 29, 2018

In communities across Australia, the old guard of general practitioners (GPs) are retiring and it is unclear who will take their place.

These new vacancies can take years to fill and on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, there are so many vacancies for GPs that the situation has become critical.

"The shortage of health professionals across the Eyre Peninsula is at crisis point now," Wudinna GP Scott Lewis said.

"We've had communit...

A fintech firm has launched what it claims is the UK’s first “free and independent Financial Planning app for freelancers and self-employed people.”

The app, which will be launched by Multiply this month, was said to provide self-employed people with “a simple way to get on top of their finances and plan for the future.” 
The UK has seen a surge in flexible working, and significant growth of the gig economy in recent years, w...

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Where do I get independent retirement advice?

Retirement planning in Brisbane CBD

Level 3, 155 Queens St, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Retirement planning in Sydney

Level 2, 11 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Retirement Planning in West End, Brisbane

MPR Room, 11 Beesley St, West End, QLD 4101


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