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The first and most important step in the process. Once set, we can plan to achieve them.


Asset allocation rather than security selection is the most important investment decision.


We help you invest in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


We review your portfolio and analyse your investments effectiveness.  


We help you choose the right structures for your investments to maximise profits and protection.


Bonds and fixed interests investments can create safe income for over the long term.


We help construct a portfolio that will create long term returns and achieve your goals.


Buying shares in business is fundamental for long term wealth creation.


We can help you understand and choose alternative investments that can suit you.

Why is investment advice important

Create and build wealth​

With interest rates at lows it is more important than ever to invest in growth assets in order to create and build your wealth. Cash and fixed interest investments are barely keeping up with inflation. Growth assets, which consist of shares and property are the still returning.

Put your money to work

Money in the bank is safe money but it's also lazy money that isn't  working for you. It is actually shrinking in value due to inflation.

Without investing we need to continue to work to produce an income. You need to convert that time that you are working into owning assets which produce an income. Eventually you will own enough assets to replace your working income.

Investment Strategy​

Many investment strategies are flawed and based on myths. Too many advisers try to employ active management tactics that have been proven to be ineffective in beating the market average. 

Understand the risk

Risk and return are interlinked relationship between investments. The higher the return the likeliness of more risk. However, this is for efficient investments. Some investments are not efficient and have more risk without the required rate of return to justify that risk. That is why it is important to understand the risk in assets.

Why get investment advice from Whole Wealth

Our approach to investing is evidenced based and backed by over 40 years of academic research. We know what works and what doesn't. We are not distracted by the noise in the financial media. 

We focus on developing systems that will consistently build wealth over time. These systems extend beyond the realm of just investments. It will involve cash flow we bring these all together. 


We are one of the rare independent financial planners in Australia. 


We continuously improve our services to make your life easier. 


We are all degree qualified in our field. We have decades of experience and training.


We pride ourselves on our advice because we take the time to get to know you.  

Investments Articles

November 15, 2018

Planning for a fulfilling retirement just got a little simpler: Hundreds of retired physicians have shined a light on what makes them successful, satisfied and confident in this stage of life.

More than 1,200 retired physicians were surveyed for the “2018 Report on Retired Physicians” and shared what makes for a successful physician retirement. The report found that the majority of retired physicians—80 percent—have a satisfyin...

October 29, 2018

In communities across Australia, the old guard of general practitioners (GPs) are retiring and it is unclear who will take their place.

These new vacancies can take years to fill and on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, there are so many vacancies for GPs that the situation has become critical.

"The shortage of health professionals across the Eyre Peninsula is at crisis point now," Wudinna GP Scott Lewis said.

"We've had communit...

A fintech firm has launched what it claims is the UK’s first “free and independent Financial Planning app for freelancers and self-employed people.”

The app, which will be launched by Multiply this month, was said to provide self-employed people with “a simple way to get on top of their finances and plan for the future.” 
The UK has seen a surge in flexible working, and significant growth of the gig economy in recent years, w...

October 8, 2018

When You Don't Have a Pair of Magical Ruby Slippers Like Dorothy

Current US tax laws do not provide any definitive guidance on the US tax classification and treatment of hybrid foreign retirement plans such as an Australian Superannuation Fund (“ASF”). In June 2015, the IRS issued a series of Private Letter Rulings (“PLRs”) to individual taxpayers holding that beneficial interests in foreign superannuation funds would be classi...

October 5, 2018

WASHINGTON — From the very first time a professional athlete sets foot on a court, field, or diamond, they need to start considering their life after sports. They also need to be thinking about whether they can afford their retirement — from day one — just like the rest of us should.

Hold on, you’re probably thinking! Professional athletes can make millions of dollars over the course of their career. The last thing they have to...

October 5, 2018

Your 20s are a critical decade when it comes to managing your money.

Time is on your side when you're young, and a head start in saving and investing can result in massive financial gains down the road.

To get on track financially, start by avoiding these 11 common mistakes.

Here they are:


1. Living above your means.

Earning your first paycheque is liberating and thrilling. But as you begin to get raises, spending can tend t...

July 30, 2018

A summer of sport is well and truly upon us. From the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to Wimbledon’s Centre Court, the next few months will see the world’s greatest athletes push themselves to their limits for pride and glory.

The sporting events taking place are varied not just in discipline but also in format. Some, like the FIFA World Cup or the Women’s Hockey World Cup are national team events taking place every four years while...

July 24, 2018

Adviser offers goals and guidelines for a financial playbook

Justin McCarthy knows that when it comes to saving, investing, and planning for life ahead, there’s no off-season.

McCarthy, a New York-based managing partner and Certified Financial Planner with Mariner Wealth Advisors, works with more than 100 current and retired professional athletes. And each of his clients receives an education about having attainable, manageable ...

July 20, 2018

While retirement has always signalled a big change in people's lives, there was a time when the financial decisions surrounding retirement were less complex.

Spend your career working for the same company and retire with your family home loan repaid. Perhaps you had some savings in the bank earning a decent interest rate, and your employer's defined benefit plan would provide a reliable income stream in retirement, supplemented...

July 19, 2018

Just like the rest of the population, doctors are vulnerable to the vagaries of ageing and now a new Australian study has provided strong evidence for their professional competence to be routinely tested from the age of 70.

This study, thought to be the largest of its kind in the world, has taken a hard look at where older doctors are falling short.

It looked at complaints made against all doctors across the country over a four-...

July 7, 2018

New research has revealed that more pension money is being sent across the ditch, from Australia to New Zealand, than to any other country around the world.

The study was carried out by foreign exchange provider WorldFirst and revealed that almost one fifth of all pension-type transfers that were made in Australia last year, made their way across the Tasman Sea.

WorldFirst analysed thousands of its customers pension transfers be...

June 26, 2018

The imposing figure of Ante Covic has stared down world-class strikers in some of the most hostile arenas in world football.

And come out on top.

In his two decades as a professional goalkeeper he's won the Asian Champions League (and been named most valuable player of the tournament in the process), been to a World Cup, secured an A-League title and had a starring stint in Sweden.

But now, at 43, he must tackle the most daunting...

June 26, 2018

There is such a thing as free money. From the government. But there are some strings attached!

You may not be aware that the Federal Government runs a program called a ‘co-contribution scheme.’ The scheme rewards people for making non-concessional contributions to their super funds. Rewards are only available to people on relatively low incomes, who traditionally are discouraged from making extra contributions into super. That...

June 13, 2018

Baby boomers in Australia, the UK, the US and other Western nations are in a pickle. They're often cash-poor and living in a country with a high standard of living and prices to match. For some, retiring overseas is an option, but it pays to do your homework.

Deep in the mountainous interior of northern Thailand, by an ancient temple with an enormous carved buddha, a group assembles just after dawn for an unusual ritual. This i...

June 4, 2018

Whether you are looking to start saving for retirement or you want to put some extra cash in the stock market, investing can seem daunting to the inexperienced.

But investing doesn't have to be complicated, says Michael Liersch, head of goals-based advice and strategy at JPMorgan.

In fact, Liersch told Business Insider that most investors can be successful if they have a plan, manage their perspective, and stay the cou...

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