How we help


The first and most important step in the process. Once set, we can plan to achieve them.


Asset allocation rather than security selection is the most important investment decision.


We help you invest in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


We review your portfolio and analyse your investments effectiveness.  


We help you choose the right structures for your investments to maximise profits and protection.


Bonds and fixed interests investments can create safe income for over the long term.


We help construct a portfolio that will create long term returns and achieve your goals.


Buying shares in business is fundamental for long term wealth creation.


We can help you understand and choose alternative investments that can suit you.

Why is investment advice important

Create and build wealth​

With interest rates at lows it is more important than ever to invest in growth assets in order to create and build your wealth. Cash and fixed interest investments are barely keeping up with inflation. Growth assets, which consist of shares and property are the still returning.

Put your money to work

Money in the bank is safe money but it's also lazy money that isn't  working for you. It is actually shrinking in value due to inflation.

Without investing we need to continue to work to produce an income. You need to convert that time that you are working into owning assets which produce an income. Eventually you will own enough assets to replace your working income.

Investment Strategy​

Many investment strategies are flawed and based on myths. Too many advisers try to employ active management tactics that have been proven to be ineffective in beating the market average. 

Understand the risk

Risk and return are interlinked relationship between investments. The higher the return the likeliness of more risk. However, this is for efficient investments. Some investments are not efficient and have more risk without the required rate of return to justify that risk. That is why it is important to understand the risk in assets.

Why get investment advice from Whole Wealth

Our approach to investing is evidenced based and backed by over 40 years of academic research. We know what works and what doesn't. We are not distracted by the noise in the financial media. 

We focus on developing systems that will consistently build wealth over time. These systems extend beyond the realm of just investments. It will involve cash flow we bring these all together. 


We are one of the rare independent financial planners in Australia. 


We continuously improve our services to make your life easier. 


We are all degree qualified in our field. We have decades of experience and training.


We pride ourselves on our advice because we take the time to get to know you.  

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Where do I get independent investment advice?

Investment Advice in Brisbane CBD

Level 3, 155 Queens St, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Investment Advice in Sydney

Level 2, 11 York St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Investment Advice in West End, Brisbane

MPR Room, 11 Beesley St, West End, QLD 4101

Investment Advice in Australia

We can video call from anywhere in Australia. We travel to different capital cities in Australia.


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