Financial literacy for kids


Financial literacy is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours necessary to manage your resources and make sound decisions, to improve your well being.

Financial literacy is an essential everyday life skill. It means being able to understand and negotiate the financial landscape, manage money and financial risks effectively and responsibly, and pursue and attain financial and lifestyle goals.

Even through this is one for of the most important life skills it is often neglected in the education system.

So we have put together some free online resources that we think will help you improve your child's financial literacy. The resources are aimed at children of all different ages and knowledge levels. We will also introduce our own online courses for children in the future.  

The first stage is Before School which focuses on early stage numeracy and literacy for your children.


The next stage is Primary School which touches on the basics of financial literacy.  

The third stage is high school, which is takes a more advance look at financial literacy.

Before School

Before School

The stage of learning is to create a 

Primary School

This section of the we touch on the basics